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Personally, I find the novelty of virtual meetings has become tiresome. The days are blurring together. I am running out of content that I want to stream. I find myself asking how to stay connected with friends and family. However, sometimes innovation can come from where we least expect to find it.

In this case, the great idea came from my daughter. She thought of an easy and fun way to get together virtually with friends, even with those who are not necessarily naturals with virtual collaboration tools.

Before we go into her solution, here is some background on my daughter. In the context of the RPS framework as described in Will Jacob’s my book, Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Instant Leadership Solution, my daughter is very much a “Paper” type. Let me explain the three personalities to provide some context.

  • Rocks have strong convictions. They are persistent and guarded.
  • Papers are inclusive, enthusiastic, and opportunistic.
  • Scissors are analytical, open-minded, and perfectionistic.

Each persona has its own strengths. For example: Rocks are experts in pushing through challenging projects and making firm decisions. Papers are naturals at building relationships and having visionary ideas whereas Scissors are adept at problem solving and detailed research.

Okay, now that we have the context, back to the virtual game idea. My daughter is a “Paper” so she craves contact with others, but she is also very shy. Her wariness of interaction is increased with video chatting. Therefore, the basic online meeting does not work well for her. How did she solve for this issue while making connections with friends?

With Virtual Uno!

To find a fix for her shyness, she spun up Uno video chats with her friends around the globe. Each kid had their own deck of Uno cards and after some trial and error, they were able to develop gameplay that combined the physical nature of having cards in your hand with the virtual connection. I found this quite an innovative way to solve for her apprehension with video calls, both inclusive and visionary.

This has led to us trying other concepts: virtual charades, virtual garden visits, and virtual cocktail parties (adults only please) are all ideas my family and I are trying out to have fun and stay connected right now.

Go a head and give it a go! Perhaps you too will be able to find a novel solution to collaborate and have fun in our new environment.

Do you have any ideas that you can share on how to stay connected and have fun at the same time?

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