No two people are the same!


No two people are the same and neither are your team members. That’s a given.

Let's take identical twins and their personalities and we all know that they will be similar to just to the extent of their identical genes. But how come identical twins can be so different! Think about it:

They share all of their genetics, they probably grew up in the same environment with the same set of parents, might have gone to the same school and share the same friends and yet two completely separate personalities emerge.

As a #leader, the sooner you accept that all people you lead have unique personalities, the better it will be for your team, yourself and your company.

Why? Because then you will be less likely to use a one-size-fits-all approach while #leading and #managing your teams.

This is essential since we all need to bring the best out the different personalities – the Rocks, Papers, and Scissors – in our teams to achieve amazing outcomes.

Given that we all operate in today’s continuously-evolving business environment where change is the only constant, traditional leadership approaches, although valuable, will only get us so far. Plus, they might even compromise a team’s performance and hold us back.


What else can we do if we want to efficiently lead our teams and bring the best out of them today?

We can try to become a leader who can take the right decisions on the go, motivate the various personalities to boost overall effectiveness, and at the same time create an enjoyable as well as collaborative environment.

To do this we need to first ascertain people’s styles so we can make a connection with them quickly and easily.


Wonder how you can do that?

Then please visit our website to take a free short and easy online survey and receive immediate results consisting of an objective analysis at


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Being a leader is not just about better paychecks and a corner office. When it comes to leadership and management, you have to stay ahead of the game and understand how to motivate, mobilize and inspire your team.

That’s what separates successful teams from teams that never made it.

What you need is a comprehensive leadership framework that will teach you “HOW” to become a leader that people will love to follow!

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