Bonjour, Ciao, Ni hao, Hello

What is in a “hello”; how can your first impression drive your decision making?

Many of our social norms have evolved over the years as work and social structures have become flatter, more dynamic, and more cross-cultural.

This means everyone has different assumptions, and that is reflected in our organisations and our relationships.

Even a simple greeting can be complex. How I greet a colleague in Montpelier, Milan, Macau and Minneapolis are quite different. But what if all these colleagues are together on a video call and we need to do much more that say “hi”, but need to get real work done, right now!

It is tricky to know how to say “hi”, get along and more importantly inspire cross-cultural and cross-geographical teams to push themselves to achieve amazing outcomes. We know inspiring any #Teams you lead is essential, particularly today where in order to achieve anything substantial, you need teams, co-located or not, to all row in the same direction at incredible speed.

Talking about co-located teams, aren’t we all looking for a creative #LeadershipFramework that does actually work, and that can help you in achieving the outcomes you want to rapidly understand of what makes people tick and how they behave in different situations so that you can unlock their potential?

Together, with the support of many partners around the globe, we developed and refined a framework over an extensive period of time to help boost effectiveness by enabling you – the leader and manager – to better understand team members on the go and work out a strategy for success while having fun doing it.

How do you inspire cross-cultural and cross-geographical teams?

As a #Leader and #Manager are you facing the same problem with co-located and frequently changing teams?

Wonder how you can do that?

Then please visit our website to take a free short and easy online survey and receive immediate results consisting of an objective analysis at RPS.Academy.

With Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) at your disposal, you can adapt your approach, so you achieve win-win outcomes fast with all different kinds of people under different circumstances.

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Learn How To Lead, Inspire & Motivate Your Team With The Instant Leadership Solution!

Being a leader is not just about better paychecks and a corner office. When it comes to leadership and management, you have to stay ahead of the game and understand how to motivate, mobilize and inspire your team.

That’s what separates successful teams from teams that never made it.

What you need is a comprehensive leadership framework that will teach you “HOW” to become a leader that people will love to follow!

What’s In It For You?

Instead of wondering “what went wrong” you can start investing in your future success with a leadership book that will allow you to:

✔️ UNDERSTAND Your Team’s Personality

✔️ MOTIVATE Your Team To Strive For Greatness

✔️ INSPIRE Your Team By Transforming Your Management Style

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