Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors

The effortless way to lead and influence at work

If you’re a leader or manager in any type of organisation you’ve almost certainly asked yourself: ‘Why, when I have a talented and capable team to support me, do I still have problems achieving the results I want? And why, when I ask my people to do something, do they not always do it how I like and by the schedule I’ve set? Surely it shouldn’t be this hard.’


Will is the brain behind RPS. Developing this fast, agile and effective framework came out of a crisis and has been refined over two-decades of producing fantastic results. A leader himself, he has a passion for cultivating enduring relationships and securing strategic partnerships to achieve outstanding outcomes. To him, this comes as part of creating a cultural environment in which transparency, capability, and individual personalities are key.

 Will Jacobs


Fred is the strategist helping to bring RPS to as broad of an audience as possible. Learning RPS from Will nearly 10 years ago and seeing time and again first-hand the power Rock, Paper, Scissors, Fred is now bringing his training in psychology and his background of building high performance teams to answer the question of how RPS can work for you and your company.

 Fred Lennox


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