“What does the increase of businesses' clock speed mean for you as a leader and a team member?”

Everyone can sense the fact that every aspect of global business now seems to move significantly faster than it did even 5 years ago. Consumers and companies want the goods as soon as possible, not because they need it but because they can.

This increased speed means that new products and product features come to market at an amazing rate, copying is almost immediate, everything you rely on seems to become quickly obsolete, and long-established businesses routinely lose out to faster moving startups. Globalisation and technology have brought enormous changes to the way we do business.

As a result organisations are continually moving towards a system of dynamic networks rather than static teams, and these networked groups have become expert at coordinating their own activities with relatively minimal oversight.

This leads to the fact that there’s literally little to no time to get to know people slowly, and only then make your decisions about who should be doing what and how. You will have to do this almost instantly and of course to a high standard as well.

Not only organisations change, the same can be said about the generations of employees and leaders. Actually according to LinkedIn, executives who graduated between 1986 and 1990 worked for 1.8 companies for the following five years, whereas those who graduated between 2006 and 2010 worked only for three. That’s nearly double the number and is an equivalent of a move every 20 months. This is a trend that’s been going on for some time.

In their day, Baby Boomers would have seen Millennials, and now Generation Z (those coming into the workplace now), as job hoppers who didn’t know how to commit to a company. Their younger counterparts, however, have a even different take on this; they want to work in a way that’s both meaningful and fun, and their psychological contract with their company is not as strong.

This means teams are forming and re-forming at what to an older worker would seem to be an alarming rate.

So if organisations and their teams are shape-shifting more quickly, it then also means leaders within them have to adapt rapidly. The people they’re expected to manage, the formations they’re in, and the objectives they’re are asked to achieve, are relatively fluid.

What’s more, 20 years ago a leader wasn’t expected to change their style according to their circumstances; everyone would just do as they were told. Today, with new expectations around work dynamics, leaders are expected to be the ones to adapt — not their teams.

Therefore to make a success of your work you must have two things: knowledge of how people operate, alone and within teams, and the willingness to adapt your style to these personas.

These are the foundation stones of success in current times. When you know how to rapidly assess people to ascertain their type and motivation, and what to do once you’ve got that information, you’re in a great position to achieve your objectives.

We think Rock Paper Scissors can be the answer to be more effective as a leader and supports you to better cope with the ever increasing speed of change and demands and as a leader to get the best out of your teams in a way this is fun as well.

“What does the increase of businesses' clock speed mean for you as a leader and a team member?”

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