Leveraging the Power of Paper

A young man began work as a clerk in a hardware store many years ago. He was surprised to see thousands of dollars’ worth of items that nobody wanted to buy just hanging around, and he proposed a sale to get rid of them. The owner was reluctant, but finally allowed him to set up a table in the middle of the store to sell off a few of the oldest items at ten cents each. It was a success, and the young clerk held a second sale, which also went well.

He then had the idea of setting up a store for the purpose of selling just this kind of thing, all at nickel and dime prices. The boss was unenthusiastic; "That idea will never work", he said. However, the young man eventually went ahead and made a fortune out of the idea. His name was F. W. Woolworth. Years later, his former boss lamented, "As near as I can figure it, every word I used in turning Woolworth down has cost me about a million dollars!"

Maximizing team potential remains a concern for most #Leaders, particularly in the dynamic business environment today.

How do you unlock your teams’ potential?

To unleash the best out of a team member, the leader has to first understand the fact that everyone is unique. All team members have very different backgrounds: belong to a different family, have a different experiences, education and beliefs. Therefore, not everyone has the same leadership user interface; a one size leadership approach simply doesn’t fit all.

Understanding different personalities and knowing how to motivate them is a very handy tool that is an essential part of #AgileLeadership. Only by quickly reading people can a leader mobilize his or her people instantly and enable them to have fun while delivering outstanding business results.

This is where "Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS): The Instant Leadership Solution" comes in to support you.

It’s a simple, effective and fast framework that helps you quickly understand individuals and make real connections with them.

Having previously looked at the Rock personality type, let’s now examine Paper.

Papers stand out from other types due to their inclusiveness, opportunism, and enthusiasm.

If you’ve ever found yourself impressed or influenced by the combination of charm and enthusiasm of someone’s arguments, it’s more than likely that person is a Paper. Their initial way of solving a problem is often to talk it through together with you rather than researching the topic. They are also seen to be incredibly optimistic and innovative.

You’ll recognize them when you first join a company: they’re the ones who offer to show you around, invite you for drinks or stop into your workplace just to get to know you. While Papers are often extroverts this isn’t necessarily the case; introverts can also enjoy exploring a situation through talking.

Papers prefer to think about the big picture and find it difficult to focus on details. They also prefer consensus rather than conflict. They can therefore be frustrating to work with if you want make decisions on an issue without delay. This isn’t because they’re ineffective — they’re excellent networkers and persuaders — but because they are sociable in their outlook and other's opinions matter to them greatly. It’s this visionary outlook that makes them such amazing idea-generators.

Have you come across individuals that can be considered Papers?
How do you lead and motivate them?

Please let us know in the comments!


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