Leverage RPS to make Business Decisions

Long gone are the days when #Leaders simply had to sit in the corner office and give orders. We now need to make decisions fast and not let perfect be the enemy of good!

In the tech-driven, fast-paced gig-economy, providing effective and authentic #leadership is hard work that I am constantly trying to improve upon.

But we can never be a perfect leader, and even if we could, everyone's vision of the perfect leader is unique. Sheryl Sandberg expressed this well in her book, Lean In:

“True leadership stems from individuality that is honest and sometimes imperfectly expressed…Leaders should strive for authenticity over perfection.” – Sheryl Sandberg

So if you buy into this concept as I do, being honest to yourself and to your colleagues is of more value than being perfect. Sometimes we leaders need to just act fast and take a decision.

This can be easier said than done given the fluid nature of the business world today; where we leaders need to balance intellect, speed, strategy, dexterity, focus, and energy to strive towards achieving competitive advantage. From getting the best out of a diverse multi-geographical and multi-generational workforce to navigating the continuous personal, societal, as well as professional challenges, a leader has her work cut out.

Making sound decisions instantly is the key. How do you as a leader do that?

Our approach is through Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS)! Now you might be curious as to why this bespoke #LeadershipTool is named Rock, Paper, Scissors, after the children’s game, and whether there is any relation between them.

Well, there is definitely a link between the two.

The game Rock, Paper, Scissors has an element of #strategy. It involves fast thinking, predicting hand movements and more importantly, the habitual decision-making of one’s opponent. This is not too different from the quick decisions leaders need to make day in and day out to achieve amazing outcomes or mitigate potential disasters.

It is a powerful #LeadershipFramework based on rapid personality profiling. It stands out because it helps you make effective decisions on the fly so everyone can get going and generate amazing outcomes, while enjoying their work at the same time.

You too can assess people's personalities, using RPS and in turn, unlock your team’s potential!

Let us know your own experiences with the game Rock, Paper, Scissors and whether or not you think it has certain characteristics that can help you up your #LeadershipGame.


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